Monday, September 30, 2013

2 Useful Things To Do During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tomorrow is the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). Before the tidal wave of pink starts crashing over your inbox and social media I wanted to remind you to be a conscientious BCAM supporter. There are some things to avoid and two really useful things you can do.

"The Coolest Breast Cancer Awareness Products". Really? Cool?

What to Avoid
I have had a slew of emails from PR companies asking me to promote various products that will make a small donation to Breast Cancer Research when you buy their pink-themed merchandise. Included in this list; shampoo and conditioners that include chemicals linked to breast cancer rates, alcohol and make up. The irony is far from funny. Another email opened with "The Coolest Breast Cancer Awareness Products". Really? Cool? I very rarely put a finite line in the sand but it is never OK to trivialize breast cancer with trite marketing drivel trying to make a quick buck off the back of a terrible disease.

If you buy a pink product in support of BCAM be sure to check how much of the proceeds go to Cancer Research, which organization it goes to and ask yourself whether this product is contributing to toxic chemicals in our consumer environment.

There are two effective things you can do this month (and any month for that matter) that will make a direct difference to fighting breast cancer. 

1) Make a donation DIRECTLY to Breast Cancer Research. If only 20 cents of the price of a pink product ends up going to Cancer Research then a donation of $1 directly to the researchers is five times more effective.
2) Learn something about spotting the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. I know this can be a daunting task but knowledge is a really powerful tool. You can speak to your doctor about how to monitor your breast health or you can read our post with useful resources about breast health and monitoring.

I firmly believe that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an important endeavour that reminds us to be vigilant and knowledgeable about our breast health. We must remember that the goal is to eliminate this disease not to maximize the profit potential for retailers so please, think before you pink xx

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Basics Coming Soon

Being an online store that specializes in full bust bras makes us a bit of an anomaly, especially in North America. When we began many brands were unsure of what to make of us but over the years they have seen our reputation grow and come to understand our mission and service.

When Mr Butterfly and I attended the METRO lingerie market last weekend we were thrilled to find that lots of brands, that are new to Butterfly Collection, are keen to work with us. So, it's my very great pleasure to announce that we will have some new core styles joining our collection. From November this year to June 2014 we will be adding 10 new basic styles to our store.

We're expanding our 28 band bras and many of you will be delighted to know that we're adding some 40 band styles. I'm often asked why we don't carry plus size bands and the answer is that our knowledge is in the full bust sizes (28-38 bands). In recent months we have had the opportunity to consult with a plus size specialist and feel that we can now begin to expand our sizes. We don't just sell bras we are consultants in fit so we have to have the knowledge to go with the bras.

Here is a sneak preview of the first of the core styles we'll be bringing in soon. I hope you'll be as pleased as we are! xx

Charlotte by Parfait has received resounding praise for it's unique style and beautiful shape. This padded balconette gives a wonderful round shape without east west boobs thanks to it's external satin slings which keep the breasts together. This bra will be available in 28-38 E-K. We won't have all sizes on hand immediately, however, everything will be available on back order with full exchange and return conditions.

Eva by Elomi is an ingenious blend of smooth cups with the shaping and lift benefits of seams. The four-part cup gives support and shaping without adding any bulk. The beautiful crisscross pattern and velvet edges add interest to this very useful bra. This bra will be available in 34-40 G-J in both biscotti and black.

I know many of you will be thrilled to see that we're adding the much-loved Gem to our collection. This classic style from Freya is a lightweight bra that works well with many breast shapes. A beautiful twist on a basic black bra, the undertones of blush pink add a delicate interest to this everyday bra. This bra will be available in 28-38 E-K. We won't have all sizes on hand immediately, however, everything will be available on back order with full exchange and return conditions.
The Specialty Cotton bra by Fantasie is a bra that hundreds of women have relied on for its comfort and allergy friendliness. The cups are fully cotton lined and the simplex outer fabric is breathable and lightweight. We have long wanted to add a cotton solution for our clients with delicate skin. This bra will be available in 30-40 E-GG. We won't have all sizes on hand immediately, however, everything will be available on back order with full exchange and return conditions.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Breast Roots and Bra Fit

Your breast root refers to the size and shape of the area where your breasts attach to your body. Just to clarify, this isn't to do with the shape of your breasts, which may be shallow, or full or long etc. It's a part of bra fitting that helps you work out which cup wires work for you. There are two measurements to consider when talking about breast roots; your breast root width and your breast root height.

Assessing Your Wire Width
There are, broadly speaking, three breast root widths; average, narrow and wide. The width of your breast root is linked to which width, or shape, of bra wire will work best with your breasts. Your bra wire must never rest on your breast tissue and ideally you don't want it to run very wide of the outside of your breasts (although some gap between your breast root and the bra wire is not terribly detrimental to your fit).

Think of the bottom of your breast root (the area of your breast that attaches to your body underneath your breast) as a smile. You can have a broad, flat smile or you can have a deep, curved smile and you want a bra that has a matching shape to your breast root. By understanding the width of your breast root you can diagnose if a bra wire is too wide or narrow for you when you put it on.

If your bra wire rests on your breast tissue then your first step is to check that your cup volume is large enough. Try a larger cup first and if that doesn't work then the wire shape could be too narrow for the width of your breast root so this isn't a style for you.

If your bra wire goes a long way past your breast root (most commonly this is when there is lots of empty cup around the side of your body, under your armpit) then you can try a cup volume smaller but it's most likely that the wires of the cup are too wide for you and this isn't the bra for you.

Breast Root Height
On average full bust women find that their breast root is between 5 and 7 inches lower than their armpit. If the distance between your breast root base and your armpit is less than 5 inches you often find that bra wires poke into your armpit. If this is the case for you then you have high set breasts and will benefit from bras with short wires that don't rise as high into your armpit.

Fit Point: If you find that you often get empty cup at the bottom of your bra then it could be because your wires are too long for your high set breasts. Look for bras with shorter wires.

If your breast root is farther down your body than 7 inches you can experience spilling at the sides of your bra no matter which size you try. You need tall bras with long wires that run equal to (or higher than) the side of your breasts.

Help Finding the Right Wire
Bratabase is a fantastic resource for finding out whether a bra has long or short wires and how other women have found the fit based on their own breast root width and height.

At Butterfly Collection we include the side height of each bra (the side compromises of the wing and wire) on the product page to help you work out whether the length of the wire is right for your breast root height.

I hope this helps you work out if your bra fit frustrations are being caused by a mismatch between your breast root and wire xx

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pretty Polly Review and Contest!

From my red woolly school tights to the ivory silk stockings I wore when I married Mr Butterfly, I have always loved hosiery. My love of tights is why I decided to add them to our store. Today sees the launch of Pretty Polly at Butterfly Collection so I wanted to give you a review of this iconic brand.

For those of you not familiar with Pretty Polly, they are a British brand, established in 1918, who make hosiery ranging from everyday classics to designs and patterns of total imagination!


I knew I wanted these tights in the store, the Mock Suspender Tights. I've loved these tights from the first time I tried them on. They're so useful because they can look just like high quality black opaque tights or you can unleash their fantastic suspender design in a pair of shorts or denim skirt. I love them!

Pretty Polly's suspender tights have been so popular that they've added a plus size pair, Curves Suspender Tights and a fashion colour pair, Cheeky Suspender Tights.

In the autumn and winter I live in boots and these tights changed my life last winter so I had to bring them into the store. These tights-and-socks in one give you the comfort and warmth of socks inside your boots or shoes and the fabulousness of the diamond design tights from the knee up. No more slipping socks over your tights.

Pretty Polly's Nylons are part of their classic collection. We've brought in their beautiful black 10 denier stockings, not least because they'll be perfect for Claudette's Pink Scoop Fishnet bra and suspender knickers available later this season.

We'll be adding more tights and stockings to our collection from Pretty Polly and other brands. We hope you love this addition as much as we do! To celebrate the launch of tights and stockings at Butterfly Collection, Pretty Polly very kindly gave us a couple of prizes to share with our lovely customers! xx

How to Enter
Tell us why you love your legs and you'll be entered to win a Pretty Polly prize pack! Let us know why you love your legs at Butterfly Collection's Facebook page or via Twitter using the hash tag #PPIlovemylegs

 "@bflycollection: #PPIlovemylegs because they ran my first half marathon this summer! M/L"

To validate your entry make sure to Like Pretty Polly onFacebook or Twitter 
*Include which size you'd like to be entered for S/M (small/medium) or M/L (medium/large)
*Deadline for entries is Friday 20th September 2013
*Winners will be announced on Butterfly Collection's Facebook and Twitter pages and in our Newsletter.