Monday, October 7, 2013

Loving Your Body is a Journey

Every day I see a social media message that encourages women to feel good about themselves. That's great, of course it is, but is it perhaps a bit one dimensional? Increasingly I have felt that 'self love' is being held over women as a must-have accessory and those without a flawless relationship with themselves are found wanting. In my job I witness how complex and far ranging people's self confidence is and being told that you've failed if you don't love yourself, doesn't help.
Memes like this aren't always helping women feel better about themselves.
Bra fitting is a personal relationship that succeeds on trust, humour and some fabulous, well-fitting bras. When I first fit someone they are often at the beginning of their bra awakening and ending a lifetime of wearing bras that are too big for them in the band. Years of wearing bad bras takes a toll on you physically and emotionally and it's hard to love your body when you're in pain or feel awkward or unsupported in your clothes. By the time I've fit someone for the third of fourth time I see a shift in their posture and confidence. This gradual change is a chain reaction of one 'self love' act (getting a good bra) bolstering your confidence to make another one and another one. Each step towards a positive relationship with your body is something we don't talk about enough and I think should be emphasized more than 'Love your body NOW!' Now is intimidating. Now doesn't allow for uncertainty. Now isn't an solid as building up your self esteem gradually and authentically.

Loving your body is a journey that involves understanding yourself, focusing on what truly matters to you and liking how you live your life. I believe that, especially for busty women, well-fitting bras are part of that journey. However, as I've mentioned before, you can only embrace better bra fit when you're mentally prepared. Being hurried through the process of feeling better about yourself is not going to stick. It takes time to sift through the messages that have built up between your brain and your body and when you're ready to change something, you'll know.

If you know that you spend part of every day wishing something about you was different then the best first step you can make it to decide to change that. If you are conscious that you would like to live a life where you don't worry constantly about what other people think of your breast size, or how big your nose is or the size of your bum then you have taken the hardest step towards a more peaceful and happy relationship with yourself.

I have been fortunate to witness many women's body love journey which is why I wanted to share with you that it is a journey and not an overnight 'Facebook Meme' sensation. So take your time, breathe deeply and take steady steps towards feeling better about you, inside and out xx

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