Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Tailor Your Bra fit with Accessories

In an ideal world bras would fit us perfectly from the first time we put them on. In reality many of us need to tailor our bra fit by using accessories or by making minor alterations so that we get a fit that's right for our bodies. Bras fit so close to your body and have to do such a specific job that there's less room for error which is why it's a good idea to know which accessories are out there to help you get the best fit.

You can find bra extenders that are 1 hook to 10 hooks deep
Bra Extenders
These are easily the most popular and convenient accessory we sell. A bra extender gives you more band length by hooking some extra fabric to your band at the hook and eye fastening (extenders are readily available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 rows of hooks to suit different bras). Having a little more band length is particularly useful when you're breaking in a bra.

Shown here in a contrasting colour for effect, you can buy extenders that closely match your bra tone
Rather than buying a 34 band that fits but could quickly stretch out on your 33 ribcage, using a bra extender on a 32 band gives you the wiggle room of a 34. Once the band has stretched a little (new bras stretch in the first 3 weeks) then you can remove the extender and wear your 32 band in total comfort. This isn't just comfortable it also prolongs the length of time you can wear a bra before it stretches out completely.

An adjustable strap holder like this is looped through your straps to give you more security.
Bra Strap Holders
This accessory holds your straps together so that they don't slip off your shoulders. The most common cause of straps falling off your shoulders is your band being too big. However, some women have such narrow or sloping shoulders that they find most conventional styles to have straps set too far apart.
Stretchy bra strap holders move with you so that you have a more flexible fit.
Bra strap holders come in lots of different styles from plastic discs that make your bra into a racer back to the elastic ones we carry that stretch with you as you move so you don't feel constricted.

Straps Pads give you some extra cushioning between your shoulders and your straps

Bra Strap Pads
If you're a regular reader then you should know by now that if your straps dig into your shoulders then you should check that your band isn't too big. When your band is too big it stops doing the work to support your breasts and the weight gets transferred to your straps which begin to dig into your shoulders.
For women with very heavy breasts or sensitive shoulders (trapped nerves for example) strap pads are great.
Having said that, some women have extremely heavy breasts and no matter how fitted your band is a lot of weight still rests on your straps. Other women have sensitive nerves in their necks and shoulders and find that some extra cushioning makes them much more comfortable. Bra strap pads attach to your straps and sit underneath them to give you some extra comfort.

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There are lots of other bra accessories out there like pads and cookies to slip into one cup to even out cup size and bra liners that sit between you and your bra band to stop the irritation of sweat. If you have an issue that you find happens with every bra you try on then it's worth contacting our support team to see if there an accessory or style suggestion that could transform your fit xx


  1. These accessories are all great. And I guess bra extenders would be perfect for those pregnant women too. It would let them wear their favourite bra even if they gain weights because of pregnancy.