Monday, January 20, 2014

Top 3 Fit Questions of 2013

There are some questions that arise every day in our Size Consultations, Skype Fittings and through social media. We've put together the top 3 most asked fit questions of 2013, and we've answered them too just to be helpful!

Question: Why does my bra move around? I'm always having to readjust my boobs back inside my bra during the day.

Answer: The biggest cause of your bra moving around is a band that is too big for you. A well-fitting bra band will not move or allow your breasts to change their position within the cups. Be aware that your cup letter is going to change as you reduce your band size. If your 36C moves around then smaller bands with the same cup volume are 34D, 32E, 30F and 28FF. Once your breasts are lifted into the right position for a well-fitting band you might find that you need to go up a cup letter because it's hard to tell if your cups fit you until your band is correct.

Question: Why do my straps slip off my shoulders? They're fine in the morning and by the time I get to work they're falling off my shoulders.

Answer: Slipping straps can also be a symptom of your band being too big. It happens like this; your band gradually creeps up your back in the day until the straps lose their tension and can't 'hold on' to your shoulders any more then promptly fall off. Read 4 other reasons why your straps slip.

If your bra band doesn't move around but your straps still slip off then it's most likely a style issue. Lots of bra styles have straps that are set too far apart for women with narrow or sloping shoulders. Look for styles that are good for narrow or sloping shoulders to stop your straps slipping off. 

Question: Why doesn't my gore sit flat against my body? My boobs always end up falling out of the front because my bra won't lie flat.

Answer: I sound like a broken record, but guess what, this is because your band is too big! Is it any wonder I say that your band is the most important part of your bra? Apart from wire free bras which can never sit flat at your gore, a wired bra will sit flush with your body when three things are correct: The right band size, the right cup size and the right gore width.

Remember that for every band size you come down you need to go up one cup letter to keep the volume the same.

These problems will continue to arise throughout 2014 but it's good to know that we've helped hundreds of women to put these irritating fit issues behind them in 2013. xx

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