Monday, March 24, 2014

Weight Loss and Bra Fit

Whether you are deliberately losing weight or have experienced weight loss through a life experience like surgery or bereavement, the change in your bra size and fit can be very noticeable. Lots of people think their boobs will change size when they lose weight but there are lots of other things that can happen.

How each of us loses or gains weight is predominantly determined by our genes. The kind of exercises you do and your diet can make some difference but the biggest factor is your genetics. With this in mind there are no rules as to how you will lose weight or how your bra fit will change.

How to make your band last longer during weight loss

Using a bra extender on a smaller band can make your bras last longer if you're losing weight from your torso (Panache Sports Bra shown)
Some women will lose weight from their torso (back and stomach fat) and this changes their band size. Wearing a supportive band size is essential, especially if you are losing weight as part of a health plan over a long period of time. You can find bra extenders very useful during weight loss so that you can buy a band size that's a little snug initially but use the extenders to give you a comfortable fit for a longer period of time. This way you don't have to compromise on a supportive fit or comfort and your dollar goes further.

Losing from the band but not the cup
Losing weight from your torso does not necessarily mean that you will lose weight from your breasts. I know this might seem crazy to some people but it's very common that you can find your old bras still fit you in the cups but are too big in the band. To accommodate this change you need to go up a cup letter for every band size you have come down.

For example, if your best fit was a 34F (also known as a 34DDD) and your cups still fit but you now measure a 31 around your ribcage you need to try a 32FF (one band size down and one cup letter up) or a 30G (two band sizes down and 2 cup letters up). It can seem counter-intuitive when losing weight to find that your cup letter has gone up but remember that the letter refers to the difference between your band circumference and bust circumference. When you lose weight from your band but your bust volume stays the same it means the difference between these two measurements has increased which is why your cup letter goes up.
Losing from the cups but not the band
Similarly, you can lose volume from your breasts but find that your band size stays the same. This is an easy change to make in your size as you need to try smaller cup letters on the same band size.

Losing weight from both band and cups
If you lose weight from your torso and breasts then you need a smaller band and cup so a service like our Free Size Consultation can help you figure out which size is right for you.

Other weight loss fit factors
There are a couple of other factors you should know about breasts and weight loss. Losing fat can change the density of your breasts so where you might have had some upper breast tissue you can find that this has gone and you need to look for bras better for shallower breasts. Weight loss can also make stretch marks on your breasts more visible as the skin becomes less taut. This can also leave you with softer breast tissue than before so you might want to know about bra fit tips for soft breasts.

Bra investment during weight loss
I know lots of women find it hard to justify investment in well-fitting bras when they don't know how long the size will fit them. If you are losing weight over a long period of time then wearing well-fitting bras will not only support your bust but it will stop other issues arising, like back pain and headaches. If you have suddenly lost weight that has affected your bra size you may put the weight back on quickly and get back into your regular sizes, but equally you might be at your smaller size for a while. You don't need to buy lots of new bras in the smaller size, one or two will do, but the correct support will make you physically more comfortable while you're recovering. xx


  1. I was very hypothyroid, so gained weight. I then went on T3 only and lost the 30 lbs I gained. However, I only lost about a half a back size. I was a 34HH and now am between a 32J-34HH. It is crazy. I have lost like 10 inches off my wasit, but basically nothing from my ribcage or bust. I am now slim but still have giant 34HHs. Sigh... :)

    1. Thank you for sharing your story Lynn because it really illustrates that you can never guarantee where you're going to lose weight from. I'm so pleased you're still in a supportive bra size though, you're doing the best for your overall well being by wearing the right size xx

  2. Great and informative post as always! Thanks for addressing the fit concerns due to weight loss. I have experienced significant fat loss in the course of one year which made my torso slimmer but not much loss of volume in the breasts.

    1. Thanks Connie! It's so common for women to lose from their torso and not their bust then when their cup letter increases it's confusing for them. Being healthy and supported is the most important thing. The letters and numbers don't mean anything as long as you're comfortable in your bra and happy! xx

  3. How timely! I'm halfway to goal at just over 40lbs lost, I had noticed empty space in the cups and wasn't concerned initially, then this week I started noticing pain from the underwires digging in. It took me a couple days and I realized the wires were digging because the backs had just started riding up, tipping the whole bra. I hadn't realized this was a symptom of a too-big band because the old department store bras when I was last in a wrong size never had the structure to push the wires back into me!

    1. This is a GREAT point! When your bra tilts forward because your band isn't firm enough the wires can dig in really painfully. It's great that you knew what the problem was. It's so much easier to fix when you know your band is too big and you need to come down a cup volume. Fantastic xx



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