Monday, April 28, 2014

Encouraging Blogging for All Bust Sizes

I had written a post about my frustrations that some people feel there should be fewer full bust blogs and more small bust blogs, a perspective that I just can't get on board with. My summation was that we need more small and medium bloggers not fewer full bust blogs. After some really good input from readers and other bloggers (thank you to Petite and Plentiful and Of Lambs and Lace) I have decided to replace my original article with this one because the only way I can be part of changing the opinion that there are too many full bust blogs is to be part of the voice encouraging more small and medium bust bloggers and resources.

I'm going to create a blog roll for small and medium bust women that lives on this blog. So many of our full bust readers have smaller busted friends and relatives and we can start to cross promote resources and empathy for women of all bust sizes. Here is the beginning of my list and I would love for you to contribute blogs and links to articles that you think would be useful for small and medium bust women. As is in keeping with this blog, anything to do with fit knowledge would be excellent.

Small Bust Big Heart
Petite and Plentiful
Of Lambs and Lace 
Kurvendiskussionen (available in English)
Small Cup (Polish Blog)
The Lingerie Lesbian
Venusian Glow
32AA Bra
Lula Lu Blog

Marielle from Petite and Plentiful really struck a chord for me that the full bust community has been, and still is, experiencing a revolution both in fit and changing social behaviours towards busty women. That kind of revolution needs to happen for women of other bust sizes too because the physical and emotional support to feel great in your bras applies to all women. 

I'm still going to write rebuttals where I see comments that there is too much full bust information out there but I'm going to try and be equally proactive in promoting resources for small busts too. Please write your suggestions in the comments below for small and medium bust resources, thank you! xx

See Blog Roll Here.


  1. Hi !

    I am small/medium busted woman, and reading bloggers in my size range really helps me at the beginning of my bra journey, and still helps me today. Special thanks to Kurvendiskussionen and her reviews of Only her bras, and the few bra reviews of Cora from the lingerie addict (I think you can add this blog to your list, because it can help peoples with broader bodies, and an other writer who somethimes writes reviews is around the size 30d if I remember well).
    I have myself started a blog two years ago. I am still experimenting what is the best for me, so it is not the best resource blog, but when I try something bra related, I talk about it on my blog, hopping it can help others people. I think my size is 32d (or tight 34c), I have problems related to small busts ( wearing a bra or not ? need to sister size up in the band, need for stretchy and wide underwires, shallow breasts but somewhat full on top, etc ). I also have problems related to my height and torso shape (I am very tall and wide from the front) so i have the reversed problems petite and narrow women have with bras (underwires too short, straps too short, apex of the cup too low/too deep, not "enought" coverage compared with someone else).

    I hope other small and medium busted bloggers will complete your blogroll soon !

    1. This is such a great and interesting description of the fit issues you experience. Torso shape and breast root height are subjects that we talk about a lot because they are key elements for many women. I will definitely add your blog to our blog roll and best of luck with your writing. It's can be hard at times but it's such a great help for other women to have a point of reference xx