Monday, April 7, 2014

Features to Look for in Spring Bras

As the weather starts to get warmer our wardrobes become lighter in colour and fabric weights and the cuts of our clothing change too. Tops and dresses with lower necklines and/or sleeveless designs can require different bras to the ones we can wear under the thicker fabrics and longer sleeves of winter. Besides the design of the bra the weight of the fabric is something to consider so that you stay comfortable as the weather heats up.

Fishnet by Claudette has bold coral straps as well as a lower neckline making it a great style for spring and summer

As your sleeveless clothing comes out of hibernation there are two schools of thought on bra straps. Out-of-Sight to give a neat finish or Bold and Beautiful straps with bright colours and interesting textures that are meant to be seen. Exposing a well worn beige strap that's seen better days can make your otherwise polished outfit look a bit dingy so opt for something with a bit more attitude.

The V back on Basic Beauty keeps your straps out of sight on sleeveless tops

If you want the out of sight option then look for bras with straps set closer together like Basic Beauty by Wacoal or Enchanted by Freya. Some basic bra styles also have a J hook in the back which allows you to turn the bra into a racer back which is ideal under vests and T backs.

Lots of spring styles have lower necklines and you may find that the full coverage bra you've relied on all winter is a bit too much coverage under your beautiful new spring dress. Look for styles that have a medium to short gore as this is a good indication of how much cup coverage you'll get.

A plunge style like Neve by Cleo (above) will give you maximum V but you can also get a lower neckline with medium to firm coverage with styles like Idina by Panache and Dessous by Claudette.

Etta by Elomi (arriving in June) has some fantastic spring features like the J hook and lower gore

Etta by Elomi (that arrives in June) not only has the J hook mentioned above it also has a shorter gore compared to other Elomi styles.

Lots of women won't be affected by the weight of fabric in their bras, however, for some the warmer months leave them sweating and uncomfortable in bras that don't breathe well. If you rely on molded bras then this can be a problem in spring and summer. Lots of molded styles have very tight weaves because the firmness of the cups contributes to the support of the bra. This can be a sweaty nightmare for women who heat up easily.

If you like molded cups then look for spacer bras (like Profile Perfect) that are more breathable than tight weave molds
If you can't give up your molded styles then look for spacer bras, like Profile Perfect by Fayreform, that are made from a breathable weave that has air pockets in the fabric to keep you cool. This fabric also wicks moisture away from your skin like a sports bra.

Lucy is a fantastic mesh bra that breathes easily and keeps breasts cool in warmer months

Mesh bras are a great lightweight option for the warmer months as air passes easily through the fabric keeping your breasts cool. Lucy by Cleo is still our best-selling mesh bra, especially the white version for warmer days.

The last, but most important, feature to get right is your fit. Make sure your bra wire sits flush against your breast root so that you don't get skin on skin folds where bacteria can cause rashes and irritations. Ensure your band is stable so that your bra can't ride up your back and chafe against you. A well fitting bra is the best way to staying cool and comfortable all year round. xx

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