Monday, May 26, 2014

Review of Naked Men's Underwear

Today I'm handing you over to Mr Butterfly who has been testing out the Naked men's underwear range. He's put his buns on the line to find out if this brand is good enough for the men in your life!

When it comes to underwear I have never been too fussy about where I buy them or about the quality of fabric. I would buy a three pack from Costco or if I was in England from ASDA. That pretty much describes the amount of effort I would put into buying underwear for myself. That has all changed since I have been wearing Naked.

I have been wearing Naked for the past 3 months and these are the things I have enjoyed while wearing them:

1) Soft fabric against my skin
2) Comfortable while walking or sitting
3) Underwear design gives great shape
4) Minimum movement while bicycle riding
5) Breathable fabric keeps me from overheating
The longer leg Boxer Brief has been my preferred style for bike riding because the legs don't ride up
The soft fabric and contoured pouch design have been a revelation. I live a very active lifestyle from P90x workouts and Judo training to biking to work. Having a pair of underwear that is breathable so you don’t get overheated, and a form fitting design that keeps the bits and pieces together (so that you’re not constantly adjusting) makes it tough to go back to those multi-pack underwear that don’t have the same benefits. I mostly wear the Boxer Briefs for biking and very physical activities as the legs don't roll up. I wear the Trunks for work because they are lightweight and comfortable for long periods of sitting. The waistband is not sewn onto the rest of the underwear, it's all one piece so there are no edges or seams to irritate you.

Continuing the comfort theme, all of the Naked designs are made without tags. The label information is printed on the inside of the waistband but I’ve noticed that the information does wash off after a few times in the washing machine. The price difference is a big change from my multi-pack undies (each pair is $32) but the difference to my comfort is huge too and these underwear don't look worn out or pilled after 3 months.

Naked is a Canadian company based in B.C. and like us they have built from the ground up so their selection of colours and patterns isn’t huge right now but I’m sure over time they’ll continue to add to their collection. It’s obvious that they’ve focused on the things that really matter first, like comfort, quality and ethical production – Naked has some of the most sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes in Canada.

All in all I have been very impressed by Naked. It has made buying underwear for myself more enjoyable. There are not a lot of options out there for us men so to find a pair of underwear that is both practical and smart looking makes me happy. See Naked at Butterfly Collection here.

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