Monday, August 18, 2014

When To Use A Bra Extender

Bra accessories are one of the easiest ways to tailor bra fit to your body. The most popular bra accessory we sell is bra extenders. This useful bra accessory is used to make your bra band longer. There are a few times when a longer band is helpful:

1) A brand new bra can be very tight but after a few wash and washes the elastic relaxes. An extender can be used in the early weeks to make the bra more comfortable while it breaks in. This way you don't lose the longevity of a band's elasticity and you don't have to suffer an excessively tight band while the fabric relaxes.

2) If your ribcage measures an odd number, 33 for example, then you might find that the band size up (34 in this example) is too loose or stretches out too quickly and the band size down (32 in this example) is too tight. The bra extender allows you to turn a 32 band into a 33 or 34. The extender can then be removed when the band stretches and you don't lose any life of the bra.

3) Lots of women experience weight fluctuation and bra extenders are an easy way to maintain a comfortable band fit without having to buy bras in a bigger band size.

4) Many pregnant women find that their cup size doesn't alter in early pregnancy but that their band starts to feel tight. This is due to the increase in fluids and sensitivity around the upper abdomen. Rather than buy new bras that will fit for a matter of weeks you can use a bra extender to give you more breathing room in early pregnancy.

5) Some of our customers have told us that they use their bra extenders on days when they have pain flare ups. From arthritis to fibromyalgia, there are conditions that can cause increased pain. On those days the bra extender allows for a looser fit while still retaining some support. The extender can then be removed for better support on days of lesser or no pain.

It's important to remember that your band is the most important foundation of good support. It needs to be snug so that it can support the weight of your breasts. Don't forget to remove the extender from your bra as the band loosens and you can use the bra's own hooks. Bra extenders are a great way to have more size flexibility without compromising on fit. Let us know why you use your extenders xx


  1. i use bra extenders to change the ratio of wire width to band size. i have large breasts with narrow roots and need a 36 band. sometimes in order to get the narrow wire width i need along with the cup volume, i have to go up a cup size and down a band size and make up the difference with an extender. if the band is too tight, it pulls the wire sideways and changes the silhouette of the cup and pulls breast tissue and the wires under my arms. in that case i use an extender to give me back that extra inch or two and let the wire relax into the original shape. i dye the extra white ones or color them with permanent magic markers.

    1. This is a fantastic description of how you use extenders Barbara. Thank you so much for sharing this information will definitely be useful for other women which is what this blog is all about xx

  2. Great post! I wrote about extenders a while back, and had two other uses for them:

    1) Alternating the set of hooks used without adding band length (reduces strain on the last set of hooks!)
    2) Adding extra length to the top of bottom of the band if your ribcage is flared

    If you don't mind me linking my own post, here's the link:

    1. Two brilliant additions to the list, thank you! Here's a hyperlink to your article Quest for the Perfect Bra Extenders Post