Monday, September 22, 2014

Why Bras Slip Down

Sometimes a client asks me why her bra slips down her body during the day. She puts it on in the morning so that the wires are flush with the root of her breast but it still manages to wiggle its way down her body. There are 3 main causes for bras that slip down the body:

Wire Shape
If you have a wide breast root and you're wearing a bra that has narrow cups (like Gem in the picture above) then it's like trying to keep a tennis ball in an egg cup. You might be able to squeeze the tennis ball into the egg cup but the pressure is going to build and the tennis ball will pop up.

Your wide breast roots force their way out of the narrow wire shapes and your bra slips down. To resolve this problem look for bras with a wide wire - Panache is particularly good for wide wires.

For more information on breast root shapes click here.

Torso Shape
I've written a lot about torso shape because for some women this is the biggest shape factor that affects their bra fit. If you have a flared torso that is wider at the top of your band than it is at the bottom then you can often find that your bras slip down.

Lots of my clients with flared ribcages wear their bands on the loosest hook at the top of their band and the tightest hooks at the bottom to offset the size difference. There's no easy fit fix for a significantly flared torso but bra extenders can help you create a wide fit at the top of your band and a tight fit at the bottom.

For more information on how torso shape affects bra fit click here.

Cup Size
Similar to the tennis ball in an egg cup scenario, cups that are too small for you cause a pressure build up and eventually your breast tissue wiggles out of the cups and forces the bra down. Your bra wire should go all the way around the outside edge of your breasts without spilling over the front, sides, armpits or beneath the band.

Have you experienced your bra slipping down your body? Was there a reason not mentioned here, we'd love to read your experience xx

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  1. I have both a wide root and a flared torso! Thank you for explaining why I have so much trouble.

    Most people said it was a size issue but the other parts of the bra fit properly. Even when the band is very firm it slips down and if it is not a bandless style the band under the cups will roll under. I'm going to try fastening the hooks on different eyes as you suggested.

    I have wide roots but I am projected, and I often have trouble finding a bra that works. I need a deep cup, but wide wires and I can't size up without horrible gaping. My best bra is a Comexim, but the wires are far too narrow (I'll live with that if it means that I don't have back fat, wires digging in under my arms, center gores that threaten to hit my chin, enormous straps that fall off of my shoulders, or that dreadful splayed look, which I get from British brands). Add that to the fact that I need a firm 28 band to achieve a good fit, and it means that I really don't have any bras that I consider a perfect fit :/ At least your insightful posts help me understand why!