Monday, December 15, 2014

Most Sold Bra Sizes and Styles 2014

As we approach the end of 2014 I wanted to share with you which bra styles and sizes were most purchased from Butterfly Collection this year. I especially like to share the information about the most often bought sizes because many women feel they are alone or unusual in their size so it's good to know that there are hundreds and hundreds of women with the same size as you.

20 Most Purchased Sizes
In our first couple of years of business we spent a lot of time introducing women to sizes like 36FF and 32GG because few North American women had seen these sizes before. I'm so encouraged to see lots of FF and GG cups in here because it means that our clients are getting more comfortable with these sizes and have a greater understanding of their fit needs.

It's also pleasing to see 30G in there as it's the first time a 30 band has been consistently in our top 20 sizes. 28 and 30 bands are still largely unknown or met with trepidation which is a shame because so many women (especially teens and young adults) would benefit from these band sizes. In 2015 we will continue to try to spread awareness and break down preconceptions about 28 and 30 bands.

Sizes are in descending order, left to right, from the best selling size, 34F.

34F 32FF 36F 34FF 34G 38G 36G 32F 32G 36FF 34GG 32GG 38F 38GG 36E 38E 30F 30G 34E 32H

 10 Most Purchased Styles
Our best-selling bras this year were all core styles available year round (no great surprises there). I was really pleased to see the addition of two Fantasie styles in our top 10 (Lois and Echo Lace) as this is a relatively new brand to Butterfly Collection.

Top Left
The Panache Sports Bra is the outright winner
This is a customer favourite all year round and many of our clients wear it as an everyday bra especially if their job is very physically demanding.

Top Right Quad Clockwise
Tango Beige and Black by Panache
Gem Black by Freya
Lucy Black by Cleo
Envy Caramel by Panache

Bottom Right
Eva Biscotti (and Eva Black) by Elomi

Bottom Left Quad Clockwise
Echo Lace by Fantasie
Profile Perfect Latte and Black by FayreForm
Versailles Black and Latte by Lunaire
Lois Pink by Fantasie


  1. Yes! More 28 bands, please! Or even 26. They're really needed. :)

    1. We would definitely buy 26 bands if we had suppliers who made them. Just last week on Facebook I wrote about how a 28 band is probably the band size we recommend most via our size consultations but it's still the slowest band size taken up by new clients. We have to keep helping women understand that smaller band sizes can be incredibly comfortable and supportive. If not enough people buy 28s then suppliers will stop making them, it's such an awful situation that can be resolved with education, I HOPE! xx

  2. I am hoping that in the next few years, the bra culture in the US will start changing. It still seems that women are being done the disservice of being sized and sold a bra that the department store carries, regardless of if that's the right size for the woman. And contrary to what many big-bust activists say, I don't think it's solely fraud on the part of the department store, I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of bra education available in the US. I'm so grateful that Butterfly Collection is here, has a wonderful team of ladies, and a great collection of bras to choose from!

    1. You've hit the nail on the head with the word education, Christine. My long term hope is that factual and empowering bra education is taught in schools so that that fewer girls drop out of sports and there is less body anxiety caused by wearing a bra that does not support you. Who knows, maybe that's the future of Butterfly xx

  3. Yes, I am in that size range, though I did not purchase one of those bras in 2014.