Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Empowering Websites for Girls

A big part of my job is helping women identify and let go of the big boob baggage they've been carrying around for years. Bullying at school, shaming within the family and teen self esteem issues can all leave women carrying around self-doubt and insecurity for decades. Great adult confidence starts with experiencing diverse and empowering toys, stories, adventures and mentors as a child.

Here are some of my favourite websites with resources to help you raise or encourage a girl in your life...
Books, Toys and Entertainment


International Projects

Career Help and Inspiration 


  1. Wow! Thanks for putting this together. This is fantastic. I am inspired to put together a list as well, since I know of others, and will link back to your list.

    Let me mention several here.

    On Facebook (and locally in Portland, OR, USA, I believe): Maiden Spirit

    On Facebook (and locally in Sussex, UK): Rites for Girls

    And I offer Girls Circles here in Minneapolis, MN, USA and offer online training to women around the world to mentor girls, lead Girls Circles and offer Coming of Age to Girls. On Facebook at Journey of Young Women and Occupy Menstruation.

    ~ Katharine Krueger

  2. Oh, and Deanna L'Am - on Facebook at Red Tents in Every Neighborhood - offers much for both girls and women. She is the author of "Becoming Peers: Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood" which I highly recommend. And she is hosting a Red Tent Telesummit this month, in which I and other women are talking about the Core Messages About Being a Woman Passed From Mother to Daughter.

    You are all invited to get your free seat here: and receive a brief daily video from some pretty amazing women.

    Thank you again, so much, for this post. Let's rock the world!

    1. Thank you for all these amazing addition Katharine! There is a wealth of information, knowledge and support out there so sharing is great for everyone xx