Monday, June 8, 2015

I Wish I Could Stop These 3 Bra Worries

There are 3 big bra fit worries that cause women to make bad bra fit choices. I wish I could stop the worry because a lot of the time it stems from how we think other people see us which shouldn't be the reason we make choices. Hopefully one day most women won't worry about the size, shape or sheer presence of their breasts. Until then I want to share why trying to 'cover up' your breast worries with these 3 bad fit choices doesn't help you at all.

1) Wearing a loose bra band because you're worried about back fat and think a loose band makes it less noticeable.

I'm afraid the loose band only rides up your back and takes any excess skin and fat with it.

In a well-fitting bra the excess fat bulges around the back of your armpit where you can see it. In a loose band the fat either gets pulled up between your shoulder blades or pushed down towards the middle of your back where you can't necessarily see it. The big difference is that now the bra is also putting a huge strain on the nerves and muscles in your neck which can cause trapped nerves, headaches and pain.

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Your health and comfort are so much better in a well-fitting bra. I know I'm not going to convince everyone that the fat you can see just doesn't matter (it doesn't!) so if it really bothers you you can smooth it out with deep band or shapewear.

The fat is there no matter what band you wear but not wearing a supportive bra because you're worried about back fat is ultimately a disservice to your physical and mental well-being.

2) Wearing cups and/or a band that's too big so that your boobs don't look as big.

Boobs size is all relative. Your breasts may seem huge to you but are average size, even small, to someone else. Your breasts may seem huge to you because of the stereotypes someone else's ignorance has drummed into you. Your breasts may be huge... AND THAT'S OK!

One thing is for sure, when you wear a bra that's too big in the band and/or cups then your breasts will look larger than they are. This is because the breast tissue spreads wide across your body so appear to take up more surface area. By getting your breasts into a smaller, narrower wire your breasts won't look as big so it's worth getting your size checked with a free bra size consultation.

Image has been airbrushed around the nipple at the model's request

3) Wearing smooth cup bras because you worry that someone will see the seams of your bra through your clothing.

This is something I've written about a lot because seam fear, especially in North America, is keeping women from the support they need. Smooth bras don't work for everyone because some breast shapes and weights need the support and shaping of seams to get the healthiest and most comfortable fit.

If you worry about seams then I urge you to read these two articles and give a seamed bra another chance!

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I'd love everyone to have a happy and comfortable relationship with their bras. Working through your bra worries is an important part of better, happier bra fit xx


  1. I always thought that showing bra seams was equivalent to visable panty lines. You look more pulled together when you can't see your underwear through your clothing.

    1. Of course it's personal preference but the idea that seeing the seams of the garments that give a woman support is unprofessional or unpresentable is a form of body shaming. A seamless look under clothing is an option, not a necessity and for some women it really isn't an option because seamless bras just won't give them the support they need. I help a lot of women get over their anxiety about how they appear to other people and start choosing the bras that fit them best and make them feel comfortable. Your undergarments are for your physical comfort not someone else's viewing comfort. xx

  2. Maybe it's just me, but I find that using a deep band to get a smoother look in back is the biggest myth. For me, a thin band is not only more comfortable but also results in less back fat. Maybe it's because I have broad shoulders and a short torso?

    I also prefer thin straps, so it seems that I'm in the minority in the full-bust community anyway.

    1. This highlights a really good point Chiharu. We talk about the most likely fitting solutions based on what works for the majority of people but there will always be exceptions to every rule because our bodies are so diverse. The deeper band doesn't work for you and that's absolutely fine, you have to work out what's best for you (being comfortable and happy are the most important parts of bra fit). It's important to remember that if something works for you it won't work for everyone and equally if something works for most people but doesn't work for you it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your fit xx