Monday, October 5, 2015

Bra Fact and Bra Fiction Quiz

In five years of talking about bras I've had to debunk my fair share of bra myths. There is a lot of great bra information out there but there is also a lot of bra nonsense that is keeping hundreds of thousands of women from their best fit. How many of these bra 'facts' are actually rubbish and which are the real deal? (I'll post the answers in the comments in a couple of days!) xx

1) Your bra band should be parallel with the ground

2) It's normal to get some back fat with a well-fitting bra

3) After you measure round your ribcage you should add 4 inches to find your band size

4) Not all bras in your size will fit you

5) Straps falling off your shoulders is a normal part of wearing bras

6) You should be able to lift the band away from your body so you can see the bottom of your breasts

7) The direction of the seams on a cup changes the shape of the look of your bust

8) The gore should lie flat against your body between your boobs

9) If your bra leaves red marks on your body it's the wrong size

10) Wearing a bra at night stops your boobs sagging

There are many, many more but if you can sort the fact from the fiction in this list then you've got a great handle on your bra fit! xx


  1. 1) Your bra band should be parallel with the ground. Does this depend of the posture type? My small of the back has the deep flexure and the band moves if it is parallel with the ground. It is much better if the back of the band is 1,5-2 sm lower than the front.

    1. Hi Jana - this is a brilliant point. The general rule of thumb is that your band should be parallel with the ground. This is mostly to highlight that if your band is riding up your back then it's being ineffectual and your straps are likely to be taking all the weight of your breasts, which is bad for your health. However, you're totally right that any excessive curvature of the spine changes where your bra band should and can lie. A band that sits lower at the back than the front to offset the shape of your spine is a perfectly good way to balance your fit. Thank you for highlighting that most every rule has an exception! xx

  2. ANSWERS: 1. True, A band that rides up your back is a bra that doesn't fit you.
    2. True, back fat is perfectly normal in a bra that fits you. If it really bothers you look for bras with deep bands and shapewear that can smooth out over your bra.
    3. False, only a small percentage of women need to add 4+ inches to their ribcage number to find their best band size.
    4. True, just because a bra is in your size does not mean it will fit you. Style plays a huge role in which bras will fit you.
    5. False, If your straps fall off then either your band is too big, your cups are too small or the style is wrong for your body shape.
    6. False, if your breasts fall out of the bottom of your bra of you can see them if you lift your band away from your body then your band is way too big and you probably need a larger cup.
    7. True, you can play with different looks and shapes with seamed bras because the direction of the seams gives you more or less projection.
    8. True, the gore should lie flat against your body. If you have a hollow or protruding sternum then you might find short, plunge style gores fit you best.
    9. False, as long as the red marks don't hurt and don't break the skin then red marks are a perfectly normal side effect of wearing a giant piece of elastic!
    10. False, There is some evidence to suggest that not wearing a bra for portions of the day stops the ligaments from going dormant but there is no evidence to suggest that perpetually supporting your breasts in a bra will stop or slow sagging. Loss of volume and skin tension is predominantly dictated by your genes.