About Us

Welcome to the Butterfly Collection blog a place where I share my thoughts on all things Big Boobed.

My name is Claire and I'm the author of this blog. I co-own Butterfly Collection Lingerie with my wonderful husband, Paul (aka Mr Butterfly).

Every image and photo you see from our company has been shot or created by Paul - it's a hard life but someone has to photograph beautiful women!

Having been a very busty teenager and even bustier adult I know the ups and downs of finding clothes, fending off lewd or ignorant comments and all the physical strains that big boobs bring. The main focus of the blog is to share bra styles, knowledge, health and advice with you so that you can love your boobs and bra shopping. 

Women with large boobs and a regular 28-38 band size are often shoved into the wrong bra by high-street stores because they don't carry enough bra sizes. In the last decade things have changed a lot and no woman has to feel uncomfortable or lumpy in her bra. I am passionate about getting busty women to love their shape by giving them confidence and support. Big Bras needn't mean dull and functional anymore, you can dress your amazing assets beautifully!