Big Boobs and Self Esteem

Being a busty woman can be very difficult at times especially if you have been made to feel embarrassed about having a larger bust. One of our biggest goals is to help busty women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Having big boobs says nothing about you as a person and we need to stop the stereotypes that make busty women feel they have to hide and feel ashamed. The following posts are about helping you overcome your own demons about being busty as well as changing Society's boring, big-bust cliches:

Why are women afraid to break the D cup barrier?

The mental leap from the wrong bra to the right one

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We have to stop hating our bodies

Why are we comfortable to be big in the band but not big in the cup?

Why have we reduced bras to entertainment rather than a health concern?

Big boobs make you more confident, unless you are naturally big busted!

How to help family and friends get a better bra fit

Layla's Story: I've stopped being ashamed of my bust

Claudia's Story: Learning to love my bust


  1. Question Just what size constitutes big boobs?

    1. There is no one size that is considered a big boob threshold. Breast size is subjective so what feels big to one person won't to another xx

    2. That is what I kinda figured. I just had to ask! Just as all bras are not created equal.