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Great bra fit means being supported in your bra (band not riding up, gore flush with your body, straps stay on and breasts all in the cups) and feeling comfortable. To get this fit some women need to wear a band size that is smaller than their underbust measurement, others need to wear a band size bigger than their underbust measurement and many will just need to wear the same size as their underbust measurement. This all depends on your body shape, height, the squidginess of your torso and personal preference. The posts below are all about what great bra fit looks like and how to get it.

How to use a tape measure as a starting point
How to tell if your bra fits - bra fit signs
Understanding what sister sizes are because not all D cups are the same
Why do cups get bigger in volume as the band gets bigger?

Women with springy ribcages or who have extra padding around their torso
Smaller bands are good for squidgy torsos

Women with muscular or skinny ribcages
The women who need to add inches to their band size

Bra Features and Fit
Back Fat and Bra Fit
How Bra Straps Affect Fit
How Wire Width and Cup Shape Affect Fit
How Bra Bands Affect Fit
Why Some Bras Will Never Fit You
5 Reasons Your Straps Slip

Other posts about bra fit
How your posture affects your bra fit
What to expect when you start wearing the right size bra
How do you know when your bra is dead?
Is your professional bra fitter giving you the right size or just what's available?
Bra size changes during your period
Some bras will never fit you

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